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Meet Alexandra

Hello, and welcome.

Relieve pain & tension, effectively, or bask in Hot Stone, Aroma & other Hydrotherapy applications & deep relaxation, with a therapist devoted to you, not a busy spa schedule.
Or how about both?

I like to do feel-good work that has the benefits of both Sports/Medical/Deep Tissue Massage, & Intuitive, Relaxing, Energetic Bodywork, without the pain you might expect from deep tissue.

While pure Relaxation Massage can lack the depth to make real change, bodywork with a total focus on attacking problem areas can be so painful it tells the body to hold back. The absolute comfort of deep relaxation is the place where the body knows it can stay and heal, where the adrenals that maintain patterns of tension stop production, instead of reactivating through painful techniques your body braces against all over again.

I call my practice 3 Moons because I see bodywork from a 3-fold core foundation, made up of the Anatomical know-how of Western Science, thousands of years of testing the efficacy of practice that’s given rise to the Knowledge & many modalities practiced today (which is also Science – just from a different point-of-view!), and the Intuition that found them that, thru wellness, saves, not existences perhaps, but lives, full of the well-being that living requires; for we are not truly living if we are not well.

For those who like to read more before making a decision, please do on my Techniques page – I believe an understanding of healing makes it more effective, & I love talking about massage almost as much as I love doing it.

May you be well, and may we make you even better,

See you soon,

Alexandra Myers, LMT 13978
3 Moons Massage

We are located at the Nw corner of Se 12th & (1125) Se Division St. in Portland, Oregon 97202