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Email me anytime at, or call, 8am-9pm weekdays; 10am-8pm weekends, at 541.579.1795. Make sure to leave a message with some windows of availability! And if you are in pain, don’t wait to reach out! Tense tissues are often essentially somewhat injured, & start to build up adhesions & scar tissue surprisingly quickly. This is especially true if you’ve been in an accident, as our little muscle bundles are no match for the relative size & tensile strength of vehicular impact! 🙁
I specialize in this kind of more technical (Medical) massage, as well as hip dysfunction, and a referral entitles you to treatment without charge! Please call &/or see the drop-down menu under this page for more details. Refer a friend who’s been hit for 90 minutes free to you! and be careful out there! – I come from experience with an injury after being hit by a careless exiter of a parking lot – it’s no joke & no fun! Take that pain seriously b/c it unfortunately tends to get worse rather than better as scar tissue develops & spreads.

When I’m Available
Find the upcoming week or two’s availability below. When I can I update in real time.
This is a combination of a true & a preferred schedule, so please inquire if you don’t see a slot that you would like in case something has changed or I can otherwise accommodate. I have been nursing the results of a car accident and am therefore actually easier to get in with these days!
My latest regular price sessions end at 7pm, & sessions that end afterward I do more rarely – especially ending after 8:15pm, & increase in price from the bottom of my former sliding scale – ending by 9pm (these later times are not listed below & may be made by special request):

Availability, Weeks of 3/12-3/25
Saturday, 3/17: Tbd
Sunday, 3/18: Tbd
Monday, 3/19: 1-2pm
Tuesday, 3/20: Tbd (2:45-3:45pm if so)
Wednesday, 3/21: 2:45-6pm
Thursday, 3/22: 1-2pm
Friday, 3/23: 12:30-2:45pm
Saturday, 3/24: Tbd
Sunday, 3/25: Tbd

Kinds of Sessions (Please see under Techniques for more Details, & under Pricing for Different Techniques & Levels of Pressure, as well as differences in price for Different Services & Time of Payment)
Custom~Blended – For everything from Relaxation to Rehabilitation, Energy Medicine, & Sports Massage (See under base price of $60-$80/hour)
*Medical For Auto Injury Claims (See drop-down under this scheduling tab for details)
Chair Massage – for shorter sessions of upper/back focus work, Employee Appreciation/Health Maintenance~Preventive Care (See under base price of $65-$80/hour)
Energetic, Very Gentle (See description under Pricing for $60/hour)
Lymphatic Drainage (Detox Massage – also see description under Pricing for $65/hour)

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