Effective Release Meets Relaxation
As far as my body work style, I am a “skeptical intuitive”. I like folks to be sure I am using the most refined and appropriate techniques for their discomfort. I seek out those that seem the most grounded in good sense, which includes some, but not just any, holistic therapies, as well as Western Scientific/Sports/Depth Massage Techniques.

Trigger Points & Depth Work
The basic premise of Trigger Point Therapy is that most muscles have a predictable pattern of points, sort of like buttons, that can be used to turn muscular tension off. Combined with a kind of compression that temporarily deprives the muscle(‘s trigger point) (sic) of oxygen, forcing it to relax. Back out slowly, and we have a new one for you!

Myofascial Release
Myo-fascial means muscular fascial, essentially. Fascia is a layer of connective tissue that lines and contains all the the layers of musculature in the body. It can function smoothly, or, due to any combination of dehydration, injury, toxicity (from normal consumption of foods and waste products that can become stored in muscles for many reasons – lack of sufficient opportunity for enjoyable exercise (the real reason I belive we don’t always get as much as we need – not because we are lazy:)), stress, over-use, candidiasis (I highly recommend the alkaline cleanse/diet for this – it changed my life – by drinking specially formulated lemonade!), or other medical causes, can glue these layers to each other in ways that are uncomfortable or less than optimal.
Also, not only do certain kinds of Myofascial strokes effectively eliminate adhesions, but also increase the chances of Lymphatic Drainage, a very gentle & slow but profound modality that facilitates the release of great amounts of toxins from lymph glands located throughout the body, being performed as well.

Post-Neuromuscular Facilitation
The scientifically proven most efficient way to stretch. The what and the why of this and how this works is supposedly about reflexes, but I think the thing about it that is most effective has more to do with efficiency actually than technique in & of itself. As we know muscles fatigue, & therefore warm up, as they contract. What not all are aware of is that exercise & stretching improve our muscles by making (very small) microtears, & then rebuilding, longer or stronger or hopefully both. My idea about PNF, besides warming the muscle & thus increasing one’s ability to stretch faster, is that it almost acts like pin & stretch (a highly efficient form of massage I also do), & creates many more microtears – by definition stretching your muscle faster! as well as strengthening it a bit in the process.

I have also used 20 years of training in dance, as well training in Tai Chi, & sharing with friends & colleagues about Sports & Egoscue Movement Therapy, Pilates & Yoga to come up with some innovative & revolutionary stretches & ways to bring your body to a better feeling of health you might think you could have without taking on a lengthy regime. PNF stretching works any muscle amply in 90 seconds- creating a method that you can take home with you.

The Onsen Technique
Famous to any athlete fortunate enough to discover this highly accurate method of assessment, was created by Rich Phaigh. I have been fortunate enough to pick up some information on this technique as it pertains to Pelvic Tilt Dysfunction – my area of special interest, as an athlete who suffered from a childhood thoraco-lumbar injury of my own.

Tai Chi Training
Done well, this training can be used to maximize strength, so even a not-so-imposing girl as myself can use such deep pressure that my special deep-tissue trigger point tool just collects dust in my drawer. Well ok, there’s no dust in my drawer, I hope, but I am in debt to the many that fought to keep this art alive, for helping me develop ever-increasing poise and clarity in my work.

Thai, Jin-Shin (Chinese)Meridian & Reiki Energy Work, Thai, Jin-Shin (an acupressure-based Chinese Meridian system, expounded upon in the West) & Shiatsu are based on meridian systems. I work with these modalities while my base is more of a Swedish-style practice.

Coming soon – more experience in Myotatic Arc Reflex Joint Release, Muscle Energy, & Structural Release Techniques, and insurance contracting.