Auto/Collision Massage

Medical Massage for Automobile Collisions

Glad to see you taking care of this important issue of your health! I provide Medical Massage for accident victims as well as my regular work. I have also been an accident sufferer, & have learned quite a bit from suffering from my own injuries longer than I might have if I had known what I know now – can’t wait to share it with those who need to know it!
It’s also important you get quality care as soon as possible, not only for the fastest recovery, but before the window on recovery starts to slip shut, especially if you had much tension beforehand. Waiting will generally cause a cascade of issues – greater hypertonicity (tension) & even fibrosis (scarification of the injured tissues) to set in & making them take up more of your precious time. Let’s get you in as soon as possible & get you better. There aren’t even any no co-pays! Give me a call & let’s get started on a plan.

*If you desire this work same-day, I must hear from you in time to verify your claim – well before 2pm, especially on a Friday afternoon for starting with that day, or for a weekend session.