Massage For Trauma

Greetings & thanks for reading here about my openness to hear whatever comes up for folks as we do our work together, based on my burgeoning career as a cross-culturally & spiritually informed mental health therapist.
As many who explore & work to improve their physical health know, it is very much connected to our mental, emotional & spiritual health. For those whose belief systems/mental map include this perspective it is of monumental importance to connect all these parts of our mysterious wholes.
Given the seriousness of that work, much of this page is dedicated however to making sure to speak to the fact of my not being currently trained as a licensed mental health therapist, yet what the above means to me as a trauma-informed bodywork provider. Thank you in advance for your clarity in reading all of the following as to what I am offering if you choose to use the space in this way.

I have a B.S. in Psychology, that I started at the University of Oregon & completed at Portland State Universit. I am working towards becoming a shamano-spiritually trained Mental Health Life Coach. As of now I have taken a set of 5 coaching training sessions, & have made various entres into different spiritual communities, such as the Dharmapunx, an all-ages Pagan Spirituality group, various classes & confidantes, & a local Blackfoot Sundance community. I also have certifications as a Nami Connections Support Group Facilitator and in Body-Mind Centered Hakomi.

After much work & research & seeing how difficult it can be for sufferers of differing levels of mental illness to receive sufficient, well-rounded, informed care in many relevant issues of health, I would like my clients to know that mine is a safe space; To disclose trauma & mental health issues, especially as they pertain to the bodywork they receive, & to open the space to discussion that includes the spiritual realm & distressing life events.

Issues pertaining to the treatment of true mental illness, especially more serious forms pertaining to intense &/or chronic childhood or ongoing abuse, schizophreniform & major mood disorders such as bipolar mania, are however best addressed with a fully trained clinician. I hope I may be able to do any small part to direct folks to & encourage mental health treatment to anyone who is suffering this much. There is good help, though sometimes we have to be thorough & work hard to calm ourselves & keep looking.

Especially after recent changes, it is mandatory, as well as responsible, to be clear that one cannot (by-definition) do or claim to do what is legally considered talk therapy, without licensure in the state of Oregon, which requires a Master’s level certificate as well. I, again, hold only a B.S. in Psychology, & am not a licensed therapist of the Oregon Board of Licensed Counselors & Therapists, or of any other such licensing agency.

However, as it may be even particularly difficult for those with non-existent or less ample insurance plans, or perhaps even comfort with the overall field of mental health, especially in a pinch or sufficiently conveniently, to talk with anyone about troubling issues, & that musculo-skeletal pain often accompanies mental & emotional stress, I have decided to intentionally open my practice space – during bodywork sessions – to sharing & discussion as a non-clinical, holistic healer.

For the benefit of your bodywork I must only ask that the following is understood & strictly honored:

The time limit of your session Must still be respected, both during & after.
That for the purposes of the actual session that I am providing, that this is still just a bodywork session.
That you note, on your own, & continually during any sharing, that a great deal of talk during your session may impede the flow of the bodywork. While I can & may help, I ask my clients to be mindful that they are co-creating their healing experience with me.
If I hear of any impending violence a client is planning on committing I will need to close the session while requiring full payment for it.
That this is a way you can use your healing space & time with me, but it is not an additional service that I provide for a fee. If it is helpful & easy or possible for you to do so, all bodyworkers accept ‘tips’ as part of overall compensation & encouragement towards them of going above & beyond the normal & customary expectations of the service they are providing and current career description, & even help in achieving their future goals.
That by sharing sensitive information you should always be aware that even in settings with a licensed talk therapist, frustrations & emotions may rise to uncomfortable levels, & only you can communicate this. As such sharing with me will all or mostly lack eye contact, this has even more likelihood of occurring, without my even immediately knowing.
With someone who is not a mental health professional such as myself, the two of us may well be less or even ill-equipped to bring these feelings down to more manageable levels, especially if your feelings & needs for help around them are significant & related intrinsically to sharing them. Please be aware that I cannot even take responsibility for what comes up in the realm of mental health even to the extent that a licensed counselor can, which even true therapists cannot do an an absolute level. However, they may likely do so more skillyfully than someone less trained such as myself. I can hereby only offer to provide space for you to discuss issues that you feel comfortable sharing

As well I am concerned about affordability as I say in my scheduling page, I can recommend the Lewis & Clark & River Place Community Counseling Centers as inexpensive options to receive supervised student therapy as well. They provide these therapy sessions on an ongoing basis for a few months at a time (with each clinician-in-training) during student internships, for modest amounts set according to self-declared income. They cannot however take insurance payments or provide medication assistance, or help in a crisis.

Thanks in advance for your understanding & the pursuit of your highest self, as we can only do through learning & healing ourselves at our highest & deepest levels,
Alexandra Myers, Lmt 13978
3 Moons Massage