*Had an Accident or Injury?!
Care for inuries is 100% free to all insured Oregonians with a claim # & doctor/ chiropractor’s referral! Please see drop down menu under the Schedule A Massage heading!
*See below for details about Medical Massage Pricing

Payment Methods
Cash, cards & gift certificates – even same-day if possible. If we can’t link up you can also pay via Paypal & just send in your friend or loved one that way (there it’s by email & I’m under [email protected], though this is no longer a main email of mine – please notify me if you make a purchase! – at [email protected]

Pricing* **
is the level of pressure most folks need. $70/hour includes complimentary Hot Stone & deep spinal musculature Elongation Therapy – via The bodyCushion. As well as for Lymphatic Drainage Massage.
Deep Tissue/Sports Massage
goes up in increments of $5 – starting at $75/hour ($80/hour for a completely high-octane intensity session – though this is infrequent to rare).
*Adding on a little something for same-day convenience is often assessed, but isn’t at 3 Moons if it wasn’t too hard of a time to make happen :).
Medium-Moderate, & Purely Energetic ($65/hour).

Please see next page if interested in Specials & Ways to Earn Extra time
*Please be advised that this is pricing for payment at the time of service. Arrangements to pay with insurance must be made in advance of sessions, & will be 22.5% higher for all services. If requesting billing for insurance, patients are ultimately responsible for fees in the case of abdication of responsibility by their carrier.
As it is more empirically based & reliably effective, the default service for insurance carriers is consistent with the FS-OR Sections 742.525 and 656.248 of the Workers Compensation Fee Schedule for Medical Massage.
**Swedish Relaxation & even Deep Tissue massage are indeed helpful in case of injury, but may not provide for the level of specificity of focus to most efficiently heal injured soft tissue & help reorient the musculo-skeletal system. Please see the below about Medical Massage if you’d like me to bill your insurance provider.

Medical Massage:*
Please be advised, Medical Massage is quite different than standard Relaxation Massage or even Sports Massage, & is billed differently due to a number of factors. It is much more specific, detailed & empirically based. It is finely focused on diagnosable or medically validated issues, that entail a much different service; less based on intuition & feel, & more about restitution considered allopathically & medically viable. It is only used for methods that are considered empirically validated, such as Ischemic Compression (my personal favorite), release of both Neuromuscular & Myofascial Trigger Points, & cross-fiber frictioning. It only focuses on general feelings of wellness to the extent that doing so is medically relevant or covered by your insurer – such as getting a radius around & to areas that support injured ones. It is acceptable for billing only in those ways.

Basic Relaxation, Sports for performance enhancement outside that scope/beyond pre-issue levels, or to any other areas, will need to be paid for separately at the time of service.
*As to the specific fees, in Oregon this work is based on the Oregon Fee Schedule. Here is a link to its most recent iteration:
This comes to $49.98/unit (15 minutes), or at the discounted rate of $38.98/unit, if paid at the time of service. I have however discounted my billed rate by ~15% to $42.50/unit.
Please don’t hesitate to call my office with any questions about the above.