Specials & Ways to Earn Extra Time

Friday 11/11 – (Extra) 10% for Veterans! – Just bring your Military Id!
Extra time special
Just ask! 15% extra minutes/10% off your introductory session that ends by 4:45pm on a weekday & starts at 10am or later.

Helpful Things/Time-Savers I Can Pass On To You As Extra Table-Time**/Requirements for Specials/Budgetary Concerns

If you’d like some extra time without using a special, our best bet for your best session is to have an idea of a range of what you’d feel most comfortable spending, & what you would spend if you were getting work that was particularly meeting your needs. Then I also provide up to 20% extra minutes if you can do any or all of the following:

Be on time (this includes the 10 minutes in advance so we get you on the table on time);

Schedule cooperatively if possible, so that we’re not up against other appointments.

*Paying in cash – This helps but is not required

Never no-show! Be honest in making a commitment to your session time. Let me know truthfully if your session time is tentative,/as soon as you do if something comes up to make your appointment tentative, & make sure to allot sufficient time to make that commitment a reality.

The biggest gimme though is one that represents 10% of those bonus minutes if you can bring your own linens, though you must let me know as soon as you do that you’re bringing them – there’s more than just sheets for the full amount, as well as making sure I don’t already have some on when you arrive;) Please note as some have asked, this is not mandatory! just something I offer.

If you’d like to bring your own sheets but don’t have any, for extra minutes after the first session, take over a set of my sheets, & if you’d like more towards the full 10% extra time just bring any part of the rest – which is 2 pillows & a small towel, or vice versa, & a washcloth.

Arrive moisturized, with basically clean feet if possible (I know we walk on them, &:

Low-stress:) These things make our time more about the work/get more of it accomplished!

Polite & respectful, & no *weird stuff.

Thanks for reading & hope to meet you soon,
Alexandra Myers, LMT 13978
1125 Se Division St., Ste. 206
Portland, Or 97202

* This includes all the phone-book-legal versions – Draping “options”, nudist complaints – It’s all a no-go, & we share solictor’s requests in our groups & with the police – with phone #s, so just don’f, barf. Go to a bar, etc.