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General Testimonials

“Great hands, and a great touch. Best massage I ever had, & you’re always improving!” — Bill Hays, Northwest Regional Manager for Radio Shack

“Absolutely marvelous,” — Donna Hays, Fred Meyer Jewelers.

Low back, Hip & Sciatica:

“I have a injury that I have been dealing with for the past two years. During that time I have had multiple massages by other therapists, which most have been good experiences. But I do have to say hands down Alexa has been the best therapist I have ever delt with. She is a wonderful person and truly has the gift. She makes you feel extremely comfortable. She has very strong hands but also has the nurturing touch. And then she also adds hot stones. I have never had the hot stones and now after i have experienced them I will not want to have a massage with out them. So if you want a very professional massage by someone who truly cares about how you feel I recommend Alexa at 3 Moon Massage. I have found my permanent massage therapist with her. I hope you find her as wonderful as I do. — Jerry Kirby, Auto Mechanic, Portland, OR.

“I had gone to Physical Therapy twice a week for six weeks, with no improvement. Alexa offered to check my aching left hip, massaged it, showed me some stretches and made me feel much better.  Her magic touch has truly been a comfort to me and I would encourage others to try massage therapy with her “before physical therapy” any time.” – Deborah Alford, grandmother and mother of 2, OR

note: I chose to include while emphasizing the “quotedness” of what Mrs. Alford said so as not to distort in any way what a client’s actual statment was, while representing a reality that not every treatment, unfortunately, is good treatment. While many PTs do good work, it is important that massage also become known for what it can do, and that all modalities, even the most generally reputable, are only as good as they are practiced. I say this to help folks make educated decisions – as, unfortunately, going to a professional is not always a guarantee. Best of luck in your healing journey!

Neck & Shoulder:


“After one massage my chronic neck pain was gone for a month –  a result never achieved by other therapists, even with acupuncture.”

—  Todd Cooper, entrepreneur
“I was in need of stress relief as well as treatment for chronic pain in my left shoulder. Alexa delivered in both areas as well as working out some other tight spots in my back that she discovered. She truly takes the proper time needed to work out the problems and offers the follow-up to ensure your body and mind are focused on recovery and healthy living. With a very relaxing atmosphere and excellent hot stone technique, she has the proper touch and pressure that only few can offer and are able to provide at every visit.”

— Tom Campbell Commercial Sales Management

Lower leg & Feet:

“You always get me feeling better, & fit me in when I need you! I couldn’t have gone to work the next day before the last time I saw you, but you made it possible for me to walk alright and go on in the next day.”

— Doreen Mangan, Social Worker

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